Updated: 5/20/2020
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  • Lets Get Going!!
  • Daddddd!!! Did you notice that the back of the car looks like a Jenga Game!!
  • Oh yea it kinda does, now get back in the car everyone is waiting to leave.
  • UNO!
  • I WIN CAUSE YOU DON'T HAVE A GREEN!!Avery...How'd you know I didn't have a green?I'M JUST REALLY GOOD AT GUESSING NANA!!Mhm sure you are.
  • We're Here!
  • It's so nice here I booked a good hotel
  • Girls wait for me and your mother...we still have to check in to get our rooms
  • I think we need to start unpacking before they get out onto the beach
  • agreed
  • When we arrived at Nana and Gramps house around 8am the car was strategically packed. We were ready to leave but I was outside the car waiting until nana got in so she could be comfortable in the back row, so she won't start having back problems later.
  • Let's Get Moving People
  • ...sigh...Okay Karter we will get in with you
  • LET'S GET IN !!!
  • Me and Nana were best friends on road trips, I was always with her in or out of the car. She was glued to my side. Playing card games and board games with me any chance we got. But somehow she always caught me cheating while playing Uno or War. 
  • Are There Sharks?!?
  • Come on in Karter wants you to come in............There are no sharks I promise and you can keep you head above water
  • We arrived at the hotel, the air was crisp and salty, and you could hear the seagulls squawking. Me and Karter sprinted into the hotel to pee with nana shortly behind us. While gramps and dad started to un-pack the car. Mom was checking into the hotel.
  • This Is Nice!
  • Jon you're getting so burnt!
  • Karter and I rushed up to our hotel room to get changed because the beach was calling up. Mom, Dad, Nana, Gramps were already changed me and Karter were slow. Finally, we started walking down the beach and getting so much sand our legs.
  • Whys the sad so cold and squishy?
  • Avery come here and sunblock please
  • Karter wanted me to come out into the ocean with her...but what about the sharks?!? Dad walked to the shore line and used his parent powers to convince me to come out with him, gramps, and Karter. The water was freezing I almost swam back to shore but Dad was holding my hand.
  • .......BUT WHAT ABOUT SHARKS??........Ok fineeee.....give me your hand please
  • Nana and mom knew they were missing out on the fun so they joined us shortly after but nana and gramps stayed so only their ankles would be wet. The water was calm and cooling we stayed in the water for almost two hours and I only got out to reapply sunscreen. My fear of the ocean and sharks washed away with the waves!
  • This is relaxing
  • Look at my grandbabies
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