EveryDay Hero
Updated: 1/22/2020
EveryDay Hero
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  • My Everyday hero is Rosa Parks because, she has done extraordinary things that have helped the world in a positive way. She stood up against racism and segregation, if she hadn't done what she had done then these problems would still be around. Adventure with me as we talk about Rosa.
  • We are so lucky that she risked many things that could’ve made her have a happy life just to help this world, she is a brave everyday hero. I picked Rosa Parks because I have heard many good things about her. She has done multiple things for this society and the world, that fact that she made racism and segregation not that heavy is fascinating to me.
  • I also picked her because I wanted to be an expert on her and her boycott bus story. I also wanted to know all about her and what she enjoyed doing when she was my age. I wanted to learn about her family and her peers, if they supported her during her decision and if they kept encouraging her to do what she wanted to do. I wanted to know why she had done the thing she had done, I know she wanted to stand up for her rights and other’s rights, but I wanted to know if she had it on her mind when she first heard that segregation and racism was legal.
  • I can relate to Rosa Parks because I do not like to give up, neither does she. I can relate to her but I know I haven’t done something as superior as her. I like to keep trying and when the worst happens you just have to keep your head up.
  • For example: when I was learning about Social Studies in school, I wouldn’t get the best marks in it. Now Social Studies has became one of my favourite subjects as I’m more interested in it. I have also improved my mark by a whole grade. Sometimes you have to push yourself to be the best you can.
  • It's been a really long day, but these are the reasons why Rosa Parks is my everyday hero. She is a dedicated hero who decided not to give up, she is very inspiring and brave, I don't know what we would've done without her.
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