Updated: 2/7/2020
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Tis is a storyboard about batteries

Storyboard Text

  • Ça pue vraiment ici
  • Il doit être tout le monde alimentaire jette tourjours sur.
  • En fait il batteries!
  • Sure!
  • Batteries? Je pense que nous devrions aller avant qu'il arrive a punt.
  • True, but I might as well research on it. Want to join?
  • Dahlia the girl with the teal shirt and Ahimsaa in the red/orange shirt had just finished a long day of school.When they come outside there is a extremely bad smell.
  • Did you know that if batteries are put into trash it can damage a lot of things
  • Of course however some batteries can be put in the trash.
  • Dahlia thinks it is food. However Ahimsaa looks in the garbage and sees batteries! When batteries are thrown in the trash sometimes it makes a bad smell. It is called battery odour.
  • I I have an idea but,we should go outside and talk it would be much better!
  • Ahimsaa wants to do research on batteries and why it stinks. Actually, if you put batteries in the trash it can have nasty smells. It contains chemicals, and other hazardous things. If you put batteries in household trash it can damage the environment and many other things.
  • I have an idea weshould go to community center and talk about batteries.
  • Dahlia and Ahimsaa research on batteries. They find out other ways, instead of putting batteries in the wrong disposal methods. One method they find is battery banks. Local authorities provide battery banks at super markets, leisure centres and many more.
  • Dahlia and Ahimsaa research further on batteries. They findanother disposal method. Another disposal method isrequest a battery bag for recycling. Local authorities can also provide battery bags for not used or dead batteries.
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