Updated: 1/7/2019

Storyboard Text

  • 4pm
  • Sir I heard weird sounds coming from my neighbor house.
  • Huh!!?
  • No one will be able to find him here under the floor.
  • My house mate is in a visit outside the country, but you can check the house anyway.
  • The neighbor asked us to check the house, because they heard somebody yelling for help.
  • you can even check his Room. he is not her anyway.
  • clock sound
  • we are sorry, if we bothered you sir.
  • what I have done, I killed the poor old man, but I still hear his heart.
  • thinking in his mind
  • Feeling guilty and yelling very loudly.
  • Don't leave!. Yes I killed that vulture eye. the old man is here.