the drop of honey

Updated: 5/20/2020
the drop of honey

Storyboard Description

a king was sitting on his balcony and then a drop of honey dropped....

Storyboard Text

  • king eats honey and rice, a drop of honey fell down
  • that's not our problem, leave it for the servants
  • nothing can beat our honey
  • the fly went on the drop of honey,the gecko licked it, the cat caught the gecko
  • indeed, that is so your majesty
  • let me clean that up, your majesty
  • two dogs saw the cat and started chasing it, but the cat hide fast
  • the dogs fell on each other by accident and started fighting
  • hey you stop your dog from fighting mine or i'm going to kill him!
  • hey i'm gonna punch you in the face!
  • the two men and two dogs started fighting
  • then the two men friends came fighted, and became a big fight
  • the dogs escaped from the fight,
  • they ended up being all injured.