Stormbreaker Ch 1-5

Updated: 5/12/2020
Stormbreaker Ch 1-5

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  • The Police come to Alex's house to tell him that his uncle died in a car crash. But Alex doesn't believe it and knows that there is something they are not telling him.
  • Alex sneaks into the Auto Junkyard and sees that the car was not damaged, but it had bullet holes in the windshield!
  • Alex sneaks into his uncle's office while John Crawley is gone, so when John comes back, he shoots Alex with a drugged bullet.
  • Alex wakes up and is surprised that he isn't dead.
  • Mr.Blunt explains to Alex that his uncle was a spy and he was shot after he was ambushed in his car. He also tells Alex that he brought him here because they wanted him to join the team. Alex agrees to start training straight away.
  • Alex joins the K-Unit and gets bullied by one of the people in in that was given the nickname "Wolf". One day, Wolf pushed Alex onto a tripwire that triggered a stun grenade. The Sergeant punished them with a 6 mile run.