The Old And New Generation.
Updated: 6/24/2020
The Old And New Generation.
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  • Riddles?Thats good idea Sultan.
  • yes!
  • Night at Alzarooni family.They live simple and dream huge.
  • yes dady.
  • Ahmed and Rashid,do you want some riddles?
  • This land we can see the beauty of nature,how about in night time Ahmed?
  • We need to study hard and we do invention,Rashid.
  • Day at the desert land.
  • How hard to transport all my product from here.
  • Thank you dad. I love you
  • Ahmed,you have something to share?
  • I want to study hard and I want this land brighter at night.
  • Dream high son we will support you and proud.
  • Ahmed dream High, "Don't give up!"
  • Wood fire it turn to electric light for better and safe.
  • "Don't give up"Ahmed
  • Were proud of you son!
  • The life without technology. Riddles, cards and playing hide and seek one of the best bond every family.
  • Ahmed well-known Remarkable Man.He invented the electrical bulb.
  • I wrote all what I want to invent and love to share.
  • Camels, Sheep, Horses, Cows and Chicken these are the animals can survive in desert land. Only few plants can grow in desert land like Cactus and dates trees. Camels is the one transportation in the desert. Dates trees the main fruit in here that has a lot of benefits.
  • Horse one of their transportation to carry heavy loads. Wood fire is the substitute of electricity before. Because no electricity the community they will slept early and woke up early too. The last and foremost, river is clear and fresh fish they ate. Life before is far away from pollution. You only heard the sounds of animals like chirping the birds.
  • Ahmed is our Super Hero.
  • Ahmed Husham was a curious boy.He never gi up!
  • After the hard times Ahmed successfully invented the electric bulb who give brighter especially in night. Ahmed not give he make things better like playground, build buildings and roads.
  • The community enjoyed what Ahmed invented. Ahmed build Mosque to renew his spirit life too not only his self and all the community also. Kids had fun portable pool and Basketball court.
  • Time is short, "Don't waste it!"
  • Ahmed never ending study to makes things better until he can serve even his in last breath. He loves serving to anyone.
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