The evolution of the Galapagos iguanas
Updated: 5/9/2020
The evolution of the Galapagos iguanas
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  • My project about evolution/natural selection on Iguanas of the Galapagos.By Ahmed Saeed 6G
  • These iguanas lived in the rain forest and used to munch on juicy leaves as they are vegetarians . You can still find these iguanas in the rainforests of Central America.
  • The traits (characteristics) of these iguanas were that they had a longer snout, teeth were not sharp and they couldn't swim. These traits helped them survive in the forest environment very well and to munch on the juicy leaves.
  • Occasionally few of the iguanas living in the rain forest got swept into the sea. Most of them died as they couldn't swim but a few of them were lucky enough to be swept to the Galapagos island. When the iguanas first arrived in the Galapagos they couldn't find any vegetation. So for these iguanas to live they had to munch on the only available plant (seaweed)
  • To get the best of the seaweed they had to swim and while they did that they acquired the ability to-hold their breath for up to 1 hour and dive up to 20m down in the sea in search of a wide variety of seaweed.
  • To survive in the Galapagos environment with water and seaweeds their claws strengthened so that they could grip onto the rocks on the seabed, their snouts became flatter to help them graze and their teeth became sharper to help them grip the slippery seaweeds. All of these traits developed over time to adapt to their new environment. This is called the process of natural selection also called evolution.
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