Freud's Defense Mechanisms
Updated: 7/16/2020
Freud's Defense Mechanisms
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  • By: Rishav S.
  • Freud's Defense Mechanisms
  • 1. Regression
  • Tom gets scared causing him to regress and start sucking his thumb
  • 2. Denial
  • Even though his rib is cracked, John claims that he is fine and that nothing happened
  • I'm not hurt!
  • Sublimation
  • Tim gets yelled at in class, and takes out his anger in a socially acceptable way (boxing)
  • Displacement
  • Scott gets mad at school, comes back home, and displaces his anger on his stuffed penguin
  • Repression
  • Can we talk about something else?
  • She was attacked by a dog at a young age, and tries to repress the memory
  • Why are you scared of dogs?
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