The Tsunami
Updated: 2/7/2020
The Tsunami

Storyboard Text

  • So then I looked at the ship and I shot out my left hand and was able to grab the lower life rail.
  • Wow, you must have felt very disoriented, it is a miracle you were able to get back to the ship.
  • I swung up my feet and everything, and I managed to get back onto the ship!
  • The thing was, my right ear had been but off right at the head, and it was hanging by just one thread.
  • So I held the ear in one hand, and with the other hand I opened one of those doors that had been put down so well...
  • And I went to the, they call it sick bay on the ship, and that's where the core men are that have medical training.
  • We did not have a doctor, but we only had a first class officer, a pharmacist, and I asked him if he had ever sown an ear back on before.
  • No, I have not Mr. McCarthy, but I can try.