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My trigonometric script project
Updated: 3/11/2020
My trigonometric script project
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  • This is peter parker. (aka spiderman) He doesnt feel like dressing into his suit today so he will be in his street clothes. He lives in New York City. He protects the city from the rooftops and takes the name of the friendly neighborhood spiderman.
  • One day ,he sees an egg and wonders how high up the nest is. He is standing 10 feet away from the light and is looking up at a 50 degree angle. He finds that tan(50) * 15 = 17.9. So now he knows the nest is 17.9 feet up
  • He decides to head down to the vibe sewer when he runs into a mob of evil rodents. Instead of running like a normal human, he decides to do some speedy math and see how far away the mob is. He sees that the top of the sewer is 15 feet high and his angle to the top is 69 degrees, so he finds that 15/tan(69) = 5.8. so he figured that the mob was 5.8 feet away from him
  • Peter isnt the smartest. The mob of rats ended up brutally attacking him and damaging him pretty bad. As he waits for rodent teeth removal surgery, he wonders what at what angle operating light sits at. He knows that hes 4 feet away and its 9 feet off the ground. He figured that tan-1 (9/4) = 66. So the operating lights are at a 66 degree angle from his point of view.
  • The surgery goes well and he is released back outside to go back to being the neighborhood spiderman that he loves.
  • and with that, peter parker lived with a strong fear of rodents, and a safe neighborhood thanks to the friendly neighborhood spiderman.
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