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Bio cookies
Updated: 4/28/2020
Bio cookies
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  • Cook book
  • Grandmas house and the nucleus of a cell are where the information and process of making the final product start
  • Grandma shows mom the cook book through the window much like the Nucleus gives the cell DNA to work with
  • Chocalate chip cookie recipie-butter-flour -sugar-chocholate chips-eggs
  • Cookie Chapter-Chochalaote chip cookies-peanut butter cookes-oatmeal rasin cookies
  • Grandma goes to the cookie chapter in the cookbook and shows mom. This is similar to a Gene codes for one of the many traits that a piece of DNA has in it.
  • The specific cookie recipie tell us what kind of cookie to make. Just like an Allele tells us what kind of version of a gene we will get. Mom writes the recipie down on her arm. In a cell this process would be called transcription
  • Now that mom has the recipie she brings it home to be made. This is just like how proteins are made in the cytoplasam
  • Mom shows you the recipie and you copy it down onto yur arm. This procss is similar to translation in a cell and also shows mom is alot like mRNA in a cell
  • Now you have to get all of the ingredients for the cookies. tRNA also has to do this but tRNA has to get amino acids insted
  • Now that you have everthing you need you can start to bake or in a cell start reactions
  • The Endoplasmic Reticulm helps make the protein being made by carrying out chemical reactions. A industrial floor mounted mixer helps make the cookes by mixing the ingredients togeter to get closer to cookie dough
  • To make the cookies you have to add all of the ingredients together just like ribosome takes in all the amino acids
  • Woo!
  • Now that all of the ingredients are incoperated you almost have cookies. You just need to bake them. The Goli Apperatus would do a similar thing in a cell. It aranges the amino acids and sends them to where they need to go
  • Finaly, your cookies are baked and you can enjoy them. In the cell the protein is finished and can now do its job
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