Life of a Star
Updated: 10/25/2020
Life of a Star

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  • Hello, I am Atraeus, an astrological deity. I will be explaining the life cycle of a star!
  • The first stage is the Nebula stage. A star begins their journey as a large cloud of dust and gas.
  • dust and gas
  • protostar
  • Next, the dust and gas turns into a protostar.
  • This happens because of gas particles in the cloud running into each other, causing heat energy and eventually turning the particles into a hot clump of molecules.
  • Eventually, the star reaches hydrostatic equilibrium, after pushing away the surrounding gas and molecules.
  • Here, it's gravity compression is balanced by it's outward pressure giving it a solid shape. It is now a main sequence star.
  • This star is going to be spending a long time fusing hydrogen molecules and forming helium in it's core.
  • Once all of the hydrogen in the star's core is converted to helium, the core collapses on itself, causing the star to expand.
  • After a long, repetitive process of helium fusion, core shrinking and carbon fusing, iron appears in the core. Iron fusion absorbs energy, causing the core to collapse more.
  • Because our star is so massive, the implosion causes a supernova. In this event, most of the stars material is blown into space. but the core implodes rapidly into a neutron star or a black hole!
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