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martin luther
Updated: 11/20/2017
martin luther
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  • Struck by lightning
  • help me saint Anne and I will become a monk.
  • when a monk
  • This is not what God would have wanted
  • Please lord please help me my family is broke after buying those indulgences.
  • nailing the 95 thesis
  • The 95 Thesis
  • Martin Luther was born in Saxony, Germany 1491. He studied law at the University of Erfurt until stuck in a violent storm and yelled: " help me saint Anne and if I survive I will be a monk for life". He survived so he dropped out of law and became a monk. Martin Luther then dropped out of uni and travelled to rome to becoma a monk
  • Martin Luther found out the church was broke and that they were selling fake indulgence that claimed to make you skip purgatory and go straight to heaven. this was alright for rich people but for poor people they would spend all their money on these "indulgences".
  • Excommunicated
  • I should translate the bible to german
  • Luther wrote down everything that he thought was wrong with the church and worte them down and called it the "95 theses".He then nailed the 95 thesis to the door of the church.
  • The Creation of Lutherisum
  • The 95 Thesis was read by many people including the high ranking members of the church. This then resulting in Martin Luther getting excommunicated from the catholic church.
  • Martin Luther now Excommunicated
  • After getting excommunicated Martin Luther decided to translate the Bible into German. The bible was traditionally in Latin and only read by priests. He translated it because he thought that when people saw what the church was doing they would turn against them.
  • there were many people who turned against the church they were called Protestants because they protested against the church. They then created their own religion and called it Lutheranism after Martin Luther.
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