Hero's Journey
Updated: 2/22/2021
Hero's Journey

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  • You guys have an opening???
  • Thank you so much uncle!
  • I don't have a Resume or work permit
  • Don't worry I'll help you out
  • Driving to my first day at work, a little nervous but I'm ready!
  • I was called during the summer saying there was an opening for a job at California Embroidery
  • Man this job is complicated, I'll keep trying my best though
  • My uncle had vouched for my position and notified me of the available spot at the work.
  • Now I can do good work!
  • Thank you!
  • Hello co-worker lemme help you out!
  • Finally securing the position, I am able to leave my for work towards my job.
  • Check
  • Although it was hard for you to get the hang of the job at first, you haven't made a single mistake since working here so I'm giving you a raise!
  • Attempting to do my work as difficult, I didn't know how to do anything and figuring out how to get started was difficult.
  • However with help from my coworker, I was finally able to approach my work with confidence.
  • After putting in lots of hard work my employer noticed my determination and work ethic and rewarded me accordingly.