Updated: 11/12/2018
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  • 1. Location: Graveyard
  • R.I.P loving husband and father
  • 2.Location: Bedroom
  • 3. Location: school
  • Camera angle: Long shot of grave stone slowly zooming in on plate Sound: non diegetic sound- wind, sad music, birds chirping What’s happening: Faith Havermans father has recently passed away a and she stays after the funeral to say her last goodbyes
  • 4. Location: school
  • Camera angle: Long shot of Faiths bedroom Sound: non-diegetic sound of crying, sad music playing in background Whats happening: Faith comes into her room and starts crying as she misses her father, this is due to her father being her only friend
  • 5. Location: School 
  • Camera angle: Extreme long shot of Faith going to school and her bullies Sound: non-diegetic sound of chirping birds, laughing and dialogue Whats happening: bullies watch and laugh at Faith as she walks into the school and plan to push her over in the corridor
  • 6. Location: School corridor 
  • Camera angle: Medium shot of bullies and Faith cutting to Long shot showing bullies and Faith on the floor Sound: Dialogue and laughing Whats happening: Faith walks through the corridor and bullies come from behind her calling her names and laughing at her knocking her books all over the floor
  • Camera angle: Point of view shot of bullies looking down at Faith Sound: non diegetic sound of laughing Whats happening: Faith looks up at the bullies all laughing at her and no one is there to help her
  • Camera angle: Long shot of a boy walking over to help here cutting to medium shot of him helping Sound: dialogue Whats happening:A boy from her class comes over to help her as he watched the bullies push her over he stacks her books and helps her up
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