geography storyboard
Updated: 6/12/2020
geography storyboard
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  • Everyone that lived here decided to migrate because the kids were causing so much trouble .Its so quiet now because the kids have no one to annoy around here anymore.
  • Around here is so messy and there is no one here ,I wonder what happened?
  • Migrating is when someone moves from one place to another.Usually people do it for a very valid reason, in this case it was because people were sick of the kids causing trouble.
  • What does migrate mean?
  • You're close but no.The people that leave and go somewhere else are called emigrants but the people that enter a new country are called immigrants.
  • Oh yeah,I know what you mean now! Aren't the people that migrate called immigrants?
  • People migrate for loads of different reasons such as, to find work or follow a different career path, to be closer to family or friends, for better education or maybe even because of religious persecution.
  • You know the way you were talking about migration earlier, for what other reasons do people migrate?
  • Yes exactly, a pull factor is a reason for someone to go somewhere else and a push factor is a reason for someone to leave a place.
  • yeah that makes sense , they are kind of like reasons that push someone away from a place.
  • no problem it was my pleasure, I have to go too but I'll see you tomorrow.
  • Well, thanks for teaching me so much today but I have to go home and get dinner, see you later.
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