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Updated: 3/23/2021
geo - raso

Storyboard Description

irish famine

Storyboard Text

  • how could this happen?
  • it's my fault. it was the potatoes
  • we WILL leave if you don't fix this
  • Tom is picking potatoes for dinner with his family when he notices some of them have gone bad.
  • we depend on you!
  • Here Tom has decided to cook the potatoes anyways, he does not know that the virus they're carrying is deadly, he thinks it will just burn off when cooking.
  • look at this, we can move to Canada... for free!
  • We can't just leave our family and daughters grave behind.
  • Tom and his wife Cara sit by their daughters death bed trying to figure out how she could have died, when Tom figures it was the virus in the potatoes.
  • here there is a riot in the town square to get help with the lack of food
  • Tom is telling his wife about the ad he found in the paper about free land being offered to immigrants moving to Canada. She does not agree that this is a good idea.