Dmitri and his periodic table
Updated: 3/18/2020
Dmitri and his periodic table

Storyboard Text

  • How did a Russian scientist in the 1860's predict undiscovered elements with just note cards?
  • There is a pattern here that repeats!
  • We want to find the new elements first!!
  • In 1863, there were only 56 known elements. Many scientists & top minds were competing to find new elements through many techniques and complex equipment
  • One scientist, Dmitri Mendeleev thought we had enough info
  • I don't think I need any equipment. How about just give me paper & pen & let me think!
  • What if I just organize all the information we already know about elements and their properties?
  • Be=9B=11C=12N=14O=16F=19Na=23
  • His discovery led to the periodic table & to the predication of elements that had not been discovered
  • I also see holes in the patterns where I think elements could be
  • Through the use of pen and paper Mendeleev created the periodic table & enabled us to better understand and predict all elements in the universe