The Great Fire of London
Updated: 3/22/2020
The Great Fire of London

Storyboard Text

  • Its too late now, they should be grateful.
  • My, Lord, our people have complains about how bad the streets are.
  • Pudding Lane
  • FIRE, FIRE!!!!
  • London was the biggest city at the time filled with nearly 500,000 people. The king at that time, 1666, was Charles II. London was always a dirty place and filled with garbage like slums. London was the way it was.
  • Go,Go,Go!!!!
  • RUUUN!!!
  • Since London was a big city it needed extra space. London houses had overhanging parts of the buildings and were all made out of timber. London was pretty much flammable.
  • Rest in Peace lads, rest in peace.
  • One night a small fire broke out of a bakery at Pudding Lane. This was an unfortunate night for the Londoners. The fire spread quickly by the timber and the streets. It was a disaster!
  • The End
  • England at that time did not have any firearms and had leather buckets, axes and water. Firearms were not really powerful back then. People lost their lives in the fire.
  • History sources say that from 5-10 people died at the great fire of London. The fire raged for 4 days until the wind had stopped. 80% of London was burnt. Some historians argue that the great fire was a pro.
  • Samuel Pepys worked for the Parliament and had a 9 year old diary. Samuel Pepys knew London very well. Samuel Pepys described how and what happened in every detail.
  • Amity