Ethnicity Storyboard
Updated: 1/17/2020
Ethnicity Storyboard
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Aisha Vahora APHuG Period 2

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  • HAHAHA! Why would you wear such an ugly outfit?
  • I wore it to express the culture tied to my ethnic beliefs.
  • I should have just worn jeans and a t-shirt.
  • Actually, I was born in America, so my nationality is also American.
  • I am better than you because I am American.
  • I wish I could afford to buy new American clothes rather than being forced to wear my dad's old clothes.
  • My mom had to sell our house for only $3,000 because your kind moved here and made this area dangerous to reside in!
  • Actually, your realtor just tricked you into selling the house for cheap. He filled your head with lies about "my kind."
  • I wish people would stop being racist and accept me for who I am.
  • Go back to your country!
  • Excuse me? Making fun of someone's religion, ethnicity, nationality, or race is not okay. It should be how they are as a person that matters. What if someone made fun of you for what you look like? Think about it.
  • You look ugly in that!
  • I do not feel safe with your kind around here!
  • Get out of my country because you do not look American!
  • I have said some extremely rude things to people, and it was totally wrong of me. People should be able to embrace and be proud of who they are, and I should have learned something about their ethnicities instead of judging them. Everyone is born different. I hope I can learn from my mistakes and become less ignorant about people's way of living. In the end, different ethnicities should open us up to new perspectives.
  • Ethnicities ROCK!!!
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