wearable tech synergistics

wearable tech  synergistics

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  • Test Lab for new apple watch launch
  • The watch shows your heart rate
  • wearable device showing heart rate
  • =67
  • Patient goes for jog days later
  • In the revolution of wearable technology things like health progression has been improved since things like heart rate and knowing how many calories you have in taken to watch how to live a healthy and safe daily life as shown in this photo.
  • Has mild chest pains
  • As shown when the patient runs on the treadmill his heart rate and sweat rate by how much force he puts in when his running speed gradually increases
  • using life alert
  • In this scenario the patient goes jogging after the experiment but since his watch said his heart rate was 67 which is very low the patient has a problem jogging.
  • Lab reports shows patients vitals
  • After running knowing his health was at risk the patient has chest pains and starts losing basic functions with him being able to pull out his phone.
  • Luckily the patient had a life alert on him which he wore around his neck and could contact medical attention and if that wouldn't work his smart watch had the ability to contact medical attention.
  • Help get me medical attention my watch says my heart rate was down and i'm having chest pains.
  • In all if it wasn't for this use of wearable technology it wouldn't of informed him that his health was at risk which is why the idea of wearable tech is important because not only is it helpful for personal health it helps in everyday activities.
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