Unknown Story
Updated: 3/30/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Elijah grew again and again. He was fifteen and his family sent him to Scotland to become a machine builder.
  • Then he came home and lived in Ypsilanti. His mother watched him sleep and said: “I'll be so proud, I'll have so much pride”. As long as I live, my son will be clever."
  • It was a hard time, no jobs were in sight, the central railway hired him and he was a fireman and he moved to his own house.
  • At night his mother crept into his house and said: I’ll be so proud, “I’ll have so much pride, as long as I live, my son will be clever”.
  • Elijah grew older, his mother was old He invented the oil drip cap that the central railroad used for hot engines and he became famous. At night he went to his mother’s house and told her: “I am now so proud, I have so much pride. As long as I live I will be clever”
  • Then Elijah went home and watched his son sleeping and said “I'll be so proud, I have so much pride as long as I live, my son will be clever¨.