Trigonometry Worries Emma
Updated: 4/21/2020
Trigonometry Worries Emma
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  • Emma was doing her Trigonometry homework one night. Because she was working on math for so long, she started to see triangles in everyday objects.
  • She took a break from homework and sat down in the living room.The lamp is 8 feet tall. Emma's foot is 4 feet away from the base of the lamp. She wonders what the angle of elevation would be, so she works it out. Tan-1(8/4). The answer is 63.4°.
  • Emma decides to get a snack in the kitchen in an attempt to stop making math problems. It does not work.
  • Emma knows that the fridge is 6 feet tall. She also knows that the end of her dogs tail forms a 56° angle with the top of the fridge. She wants to know how far away the end of her dogs tail is from the top of the fridge. To figure this out she makes the equation, Sin56=6/x, and it is equal to 7.2 feet.
  • Emma walks up the stairs to go to bed because she doesn't want to do any more math problems. However, she creates and solves one more math problem before she goes to bed. The top of her cats head is 4 feet away from a point on the line where the wall and floor meet. That point creates a 45° angle with the top of the cats head. Emma wants to know how far away from the wall her cat is sitting. Cos45=(x/4). Her cat is sitting 2.8 feet away from the wall.
  • Emma goes to sleep that night to escape all the math problems. Thankfully, the weekend starts tomorrow, so she no longer has to worry about math.
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