Lay of the Wolf
Updated: 12/20/2019
Lay of the Wolf
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  • Where did he go.
  • ....
  • I am werewolf
  • BisclaveratMagic clothes he needs to turn back
  • He'll never find these
  • Where are my clothers
  • The wife of the night is sleeping and notices her husband is gone. AGAIN!
  • I like this were wolf. We wont kill it .
  • Thanks... I guess
  • The Wife wonders where he goes and she wants an answer now. He tells her shes a were-wolf and needs his clothes to turn back human
  • Ow My Nose!
  • Damn He took your nose
  • The Knights wife seems to found a side piece. And they stole Bisclavertat's clothes and they hide them. He won't be able to turn back.
  • Go and never return
  • You're Back!
  • The King and His men go out to hunt and they run into Bisclaverat and the kinds is quite fond of him and takes him home.
  • The were wolf sees his wife who is tortured for information on where the clothes are is attacked by the were wolf and he bites her nose off.
  • The Knight Gets back his clothes and turns back into a human and is embraced by his king while his ex and her new husband are banished from the land forever.
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