Updated: 4/29/2020

Storyboard Text

  • you know children we were not here a long time ago and ill tell you a story about how we got here if you listen
  • ohh tell us papa pleaasseeeee
  • When my great grandfather got here he said there wasn't much grass or animals as he'd thought. That's when he and his friends got to work on many important jobs.
  • What did he do papa?
  • When grandpa got there there was hardly any grass because the deer had already eaten most of it so he decided to hunt them.
  • Hunting
  • When grandpa and his friends started hunting the deer they started to move to different places of the park and there started to be other animals thriving because there was more plants for them to eat
  • Hunting Hunting
  • Now the land that we're in is beautiful and full of animals that grandpa helped without even knowing
  • Grandpa created balance once again in the ecosystem and i want you guys to grow up just like him
  • We will grandpa we will train and train until we cant anymore to be like him.