Macbeth KS3

Updated: 10/14/2018
Macbeth KS3

Storyboard Description

Keystage 3 Summary of Macbeth

Storyboard Text

  • Macbeth and Banquo meet three witches on their way home from war. The witches tell Macbeth he will be king but that Banquo’s sons will be king. They disappear, leaving Macbeth and Banquo shocked.
  • Macbeth returns home to tell his wife the prophecy. Lady Macbeth becomes very excited and tells Macbeth that he must kill King Duncan so he can become King.
  • Duncan arrives at the Macbeth’s home with his family. In the night, Macbeth murders Duncan. Duncan’s sons flee to England in fear they will be blamed for his death. Macbeth is named King.
  • Macbeth, now king, begins to panic about Banquo's prophecy. He throws a banquet and arranges for Banquo to be killed on the way. He imagines Banquo sat in his throne and decides to visit the witches again. The nobles grow suspcious of him.
  • The witches tell Macbeth he cannot be killed by someone born of woman. He feels invincible and sends forces to kill his only threat, Macduff. Meanwhile, forces are building to fight him and Lady Macbeth is becoming wracked with guilt.
  • Torn with guilt, Lady Macbeth kills herself as the troops arrive. Macbeth still believes he can win because of the witches' prophecy and decides to fight. However, Macduff was born by C-Section and can kill Macbeth. Macduff chops Macbeth's head off and returns the crown to Duncan's sons.