summer assignment

Updated: 5/27/2021
summer assignment

Storyboard Text

  • (After dinner)
  • (Son to his mother)
  • Hey mom! I have received a summer assignment about climate change, can you please help me with it?
  • Okay mom, sounds good!
  • I can help you with it but why don’t you ask your grandfather to explain it to you? He can do it in a much more efficient way
  • (Son goes to his elder sister)
  • Hey sister! Why don’t you join me and grandfather as we are going have a very interesting conversation
  • Yes sure why not, let’s go
  • (Siblings go to their grandfather)
  • Grandfather can you please tell us what’s climate change?
  • Okay i will tell you both all about it after dinner so, your mother can join us in the discussion too
  • Yes please tell us, we are very curious to know!
  • We’ve finished our dinner so, now can we start with the discussion?
  • Okay kids, let’s start!
  • What is climate change according to you?
  • It’s a very simple change in climate!
  • Yes that’s correct, now let’s see what are the climate changing factors
  • No it’s a change in global climate pattern, in particular a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards
  • It can be converting forest to land for agricultural purpose
  • It can also include some human activities
  • Okay let’s see how does it affect us, any idea kids?
  • Such as burning of fossil fuels
  • And this has led to large number of environmental hazards to human health such as extreme weather, ozone depletion, etc
  • Climate change has brought about possibly irreversible alterations to earth’s geological, biological and ecological system