Science Comic Part 2
Updated: 6/17/2020
Science Comic Part 2
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  • After a few weeks, Metamom started to sweat. Everyone expected something of him, and worst of all, HE WASN'T ALLOWED TO GET THE PEASENTS CRYSTALS! All this heat caused him go *POOF* and suddenly, he was a baby phoenix again.
  • Oddly, when Metamom was reborn, he looked suspiciously like his brother. His layered feathers became glassy, and he felt a sudden urge to release gas. His originally shining eyes turned dark like obsidian. Unfortunately. his rebirth meant he was out of the competition.
  • While this was happening with Metamom, Igneomom and Sedimom were beginning to fold under pressure. In unison with each other and Metamom, they burst into ashes, and were reborn looking just a little bit different.
  • Igneomom started to look similar to Sedimom, with his glassy feathers turning crumbly and dry, and he gained a sudden interest in fossils. Sedimom started bear traits like Metamom, with his crumbly feathers turning layered, and a sudden interest in collecting crystals.
  • Now we are left with a dilemma. All three of the princes lost the competition, and a bit of themselves. Metamom is like Igneomom, who's like Sedimom, who's like Metamom. They are rotating in an ongoing cycle
  • Flash forward twenty years, the king has passed and the ruler of Rocco burg is.. ALL OF THEM!! They realized that they would continue to transform in an ongoing and ever changing cycle, and whenever the pressure was on, they noticed themselves turning into others. They realized that the only way to lead is together.
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