TKaM Trial Rhetoric
Updated: 4/23/2020
TKaM Trial Rhetoric
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  • Tom Robinson's Trial
  • Heck Tate Gives his side of the story
  • Heck Tate: It was on her right side
  • Atticus Questions Bob Ewell
  • Can you write
  • Tom Robinson, an innocent man, is put on trial for accusations that he raped Mayella Ewell.
  • Atticus Questions Mayella
  • your making me look stupid no one calls me ma'am
  • He gives his description of what had happened. He tells the story pretty cut and dry referring to ethos the most, even referring to specific details, such as "It was the night of November twenty-first" (190). The most important detail, however, is that the bruise was on the right side of her face.
  • Tom Robinson Gets Cross Examined
  • Do you have enough strength to take her down
  • Here, Atticus follows up on the information provided before, the bruise was on the right side of her face. Atticus asks Mr.Ewell to write down his name, he uses his left hand. This uses logos as it can be concluded that he could have hit his daughter.
  • Atticus Gives His Closing Remarks
  • You convicted an innocent man
  • Here Mayella tells her story and "burst into tears" (204). It is obvious that she is using pathos at this point. She tries to convince the audience by doing so and making them feel bad for her.
  • Tom Robinson tells his story, and it is revealed his left hand is useless. Afterward, he gets cross-examined by Mr.Glimer, and it is revealed that he has enough power to do the damage done. This is a poor attempt at logos, there are assumptions made, instead of the use of hard facts.
  • Here Atticus used pathos. He tells the whole entire court that Tom Robinson didn't do the crime. He also uses this time to call out racism.
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