Looking for a Good Grade(In History)
Updated: 10/5/2018
Looking for a Good Grade(In History)
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  • Calender Date:April 6 2096
  • Evan's Pineapple IPhone X
  • This is Evan in his room. He wonders what his grades are.
  • What are my grades? Oh yeah, I have a history test tomorrow!
  • Evan's library
  • Evan thinks his mom will ground him if he has a bad grade.
  • Calender Date:April 6 2096
  • History grade C
  • Oh no! What do I do?...Oh!I know I can make a time machine! I bet Mr.Carter will be impressed! But how do I make it? I don't know how to start!
  • Well, I guess I could look it up in the internet.
  • Start
  • <- How to make a heading
  • WHAT! How!?!? It broke! Noo! I'm going to have to rebuild it! Nooo!
  • How to make a time machine
  • In the basement, he looks up how to make a time machine and it breaks!
  • Do your bell work!
  • Evan's Time Machine
  • Finnaly! Hopefully it works this time.Please work...Please work...Pleeeaaase...
  • Start
  • After his first time machine broke, he decides to rebuild it himself since he knew he shouldn't use the internet.
  • Evan's Time Machine
  • Start
  • Yes!! I'm I genius! Now I'm going to get a good grade in History class! But first I have to see what is happening at this time period.
  • You made a time machine?!? And its green?!? You know what? You get an A on history!
  • Mr.Carter, Evan's history teacher.
  • Finish Text Book page: 128
  • Welcome to Mr.Carter's history classroom!
  • Room 212
  • First and Last name, Date: 3/7/2096, Class Period, Assignment name
  • Good job on the test today! I thought you said you were bad at history. How did you make it?
  • I made a time machine! And its green, your favorite color!I'll give it to you if you want.
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