We'll Never Be Apart
Updated: 5/19/2020
We'll Never Be Apart

Storyboard Text

  • In the summer, Roman and his wife took us camping. All ten foster kids piled into a dilapidated RV.
  • Even Susan, his wife, seemed to enjoy herself. A wispy smile played on her lips as we left the city behind.
  • We set up camp and Roman dove right into drinking. The public setting kept him from playing his games and allowed us to run free.
  • We drifted away and found a dusty hill to climb. The whole time Cellie kept her hand in her pocket, fist closed around something. Jason stopped every few feet to pick flowers to weave through my hair.
  • Cellie stopped. She took her hand out of her pocket and opened her fist to reveal a lighter with a unicorn on it.
  • I stole it from the camp ground, go get kindling Jason!
  • We gathered the kindling, and Cellie wondered wondered out loud what color the flame would be.