The 5C's
Updated: 10/3/2018
The 5C's
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  • Chaos
  • Collaboration
  • Conflict
  • In our opening scene, we see our characters experiencing chaos. The state of nature leaves them confused but still happy that they are the ones controlling their rights without organization.
  • Command
  • In the next scene, we see our characters moving in a little bit of a different direction. Collaboration begins to occur with agriculture to benefit a growing society.
  • Common Good
  • The following scene shows the characters now facing conflict.  Arguments are forming in regards to their individual freedoms and rights since no ground rules were ever put in place. People are becoming more frustrated and are looking for some guidance.
  • Reflection
  • I would say that the important concept I learned about was chaos. It has a different meaning in this circumstance than I had originally known. I think these ideas will help show how future civilisations were formed and how they fell. I learned the most from the lesson on chaos. I think that I did well with understanding Hammuarbi's Code. I striggled the most with group work because of the class not staying on task. I think you are a wonderful teacher and I am sad that my class is so rude. I would suggest not doing group work with a class like ours
  • In this scene, we are introduced to Hammuarbi and Hammurabi's Code. The characters are happy because there is finally written laws and order to help the society function with order. Main laws being about stealing and moral issues.
  • In our final scene, we see our characters happily settled and enjoying the common good. With popular sovereignty and social contracts in place, they are pleased with knowing the laws are created for their own well being.
  • Taylor Gillespie Period 6
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