Updated: 12/29/2020

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  • 28th May was the day the Armada left Lisbon while sailing in crescent formation .
  • after arriving at Corunna on the 19th of June. The armada set sail for England on the 21st of July. Still in crescent formation.
  • After 8 days of travelling, The Armada was sighted from Cornwall. By the 31st of July, English ships attacked the Armada
  • On the 6th on August, The Armada arrived at Calais. However, fireships were sent out into the harbour.
  • On the 8th of August it was the Battle of Gravelines. This was when the British fired constantly and made ships sink.
  • After surviving the Battle of Gravelines, the rest of the ships left made their way to the north sea and sailed past Scotland and Ireland and made their way back to Spain in September and October