chapter 45-50
Updated: 6/1/2021
chapter 45-50

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  • Retribution 
  • It is I—Alec d’Urberville.
  • I see it is.
  • Suddenly
  • A marriage licence.
  • O no, sir—no!
  • What is it?
  • Emotional Scar
  • O no, no, Tess,I can make full allowance for this.
  • Whip me, crush me; you need not mind those people under the rick! I shall not cry out. Once victim, always victim—that’s the law!
  • Persistence
  • What—after all—my insulting slap, too!
  • Bad News
  • Mother is took very bad, and the doctor says she’s dying, and as father is not very well neither, and says ’tis wrong for a man of such a high family as his to slave and drave at common labouring work, we don’t know what to do.
  • Flaring Emotions
  • O—I don’t know! I have no husband!
  • Where are you going to next? To join your dear husband?