Updated: 5/22/2021

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  • Mom, have you seen my favorite shirt?
  • Oh, okay. Thank you, son.
  • Yes, I think it's in your wardrobe. I'll go get it.
  • No, it's fine. I can do it. By the way, I am on a duty tonight, I don't think I can make it through dinner. Happy birthday, Mom!
  • Happy Birthday, Hon!
  • Why do you sound so sad? Is everything okay?
  • Don't worry, he's trying hard for his work. Just store some food for him so he can eat before going to bed.
  • Johny said he can't make it through dinner, but I already prepare everything for tonight.
  • hmmm... thanks, hon.
  • wow, it looks so delicious. Do you need help in preparing?
  • If you say so...
  • It surely does, I wish Johny could say that also. No, I can handle this just go watch some news in tv.
  • hmm...
  • Oh. Hi Johny, your home.
  • That's nice, your mother is now preparing our food. She'll be surprise to see you!
  • Hi Dad! I just got off from work, I finished my work fast so I can go home for dinner.
  • I also got your favorite drink, coca cola! It's in the fridge, I'll go get it.
  • Here's my today first salary, mom. All the hard work you do for raising me, thank you is not enough. I promise to be there for you even when you're old, I'll care for you. I love you and thank you for everything, mom!
  • A few moments before Johny gets home...
  • Oh, how sweet you are, my darling. I remember when it's my birthday and my son also gave me coca cola, how coincidence. Here get this coke, It's my gift for you and your mother!
  • I'm sorry sir but the old lady has already got our last one coca cola.
  • Oh no, I get off to work early for my mother's birthday and that's her only favorite drink. What am I going to do now?
  • Thank you so much, Ma'am! I owe you this one.
  • Good evening, Sir! How can I help you?
  • Uhm, do you still have some coca cola, because I don't see any on your displays?