TEWWG 10-13
Updated: 5/8/2020
TEWWG 10-13

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  • Chapter 10
  • Thank yuh, Tea Cake.
  • Chapter 11
  • Chapter 11
  • Where you git uh comb from tuh be combin' mah hair wild?
  • Ah been wishin' so bad th git mah hands in yo' hair. It's so pretty.
  • Janie learns that the man is Vergible Woods aka Tea Cake. They hang around at the shop until people return from the game. Tea Cake stays and helps Janie her close her shop then escorts her home. Janie sits at her porch and thinks about Tea Cake. She wants to be careful but she already felt like she knew Tea Cake all her life.
  • Chapter 12
  • Drop uh lil hint here and dere and if Tea is tryin' to rob her she kin see and know.
  • Janie doesn't see Tea Cake for a week and is worried about their relationship. She understood they had an age gap so she decides to treat him coldly. Tea Cake comes to Janie's house several times and when they are together, the have fun and smiles. The two even spent a whole night fishing together.
  • Chapter 12
  • One night, Tea Cake comes again and plays the piano which makes Janie fall asleep. She wakes up to Tea Cake brushing her hair. Janie continues to have resisting thoughts about Tea Cake. Tea Cake is gone for a few days but returns in a battered car. He tells Janie he wants to take her shopping.
  • Chapter 13
  • Oh God, don't let Tea Cake be off somewhere hurt and Ah not know nothing about it.
  • The townspeople start catching onto Janie and Tea Cake. They are mad and shame her for getting a man when it hasn't even been a year after Jody's death. Sam voices his disapproval to Pheoby and tells her he thinks Tea Cake will rob Janie. Pheoby tells him that Janie knows what she's doing. but agrees to go talk to her.
  • She's her own woman.
  • Pheoby visits Janie to warn her about Tea Cake. Janie explains to her friend that she is willing to give Tea Cake a chance. She defends Tea Cake and she trusts he is a good person. Janie wants to sell the store and marry Tea Cake in a place they can start a new life.
  • Ah'd rather be wid Tea Cake.
  • Tea Cake and Janie get married in Jacksonville. Janie feels so glad that she is scared of herself. One morning, Tea Cake goes out to get fish but doesn't come back. When it becames midnight, she decides to go look for him but she noticed that the $200 she kept in her dress was gone. She fears the worst and worries about Tea Cake.