worked to the bone
Updated: 4/21/2020
worked to the bone
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  • The Life Behind the PicturesA summary of Worked to the Bone by Mack LewisAdlyn Mieras
  • Mr. Hine is now taking a picture in the factory that Martha and Leo work in. Martha's hand is disfigured from an accident in the spinning machine. Hine sees just how terrible and dangerous their work is. Martha says, "I'm a spinner. My older brothers a doffer. Had a little brother too." From this we can conclude that Floyd died, most likely from the horrible conditions of the factory.
  • Martha and her older brother Leo are walking with their younger brother Floyd to his first day of work. He expresses how excited he is to work, but the others tell him that is is hard and dangerous work and that he will wish that his is back in school in no time.
  • Mr. Lewis Hine is taking a picture of a boy hard at work in a glasswork factory. It is 125 degrees. When he takes a picture of the hot and tired boy at work he is shoved out by the boss. He does not want Hine capturing the conditions of the work place on film.
  • Mr. Hine is taking a picture of two boys who are at work in a dangerous coal mine. His photos show that they do not get enough to eat and their work makes them tired and sickly. They should be at school and instead they have to put their lives on the line to earn the meager pay that will help put food on the table.
  • Mr. Lewis Hine made a huge impact on outlawing child labor.He lived to see his impact when the law was passed in 1905, making it illegal for any child to work any dangerous job until 16 years of age. He died shortly after, but his legacy lives on.
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