Rock Cycles
Updated: 2/24/2019
Rock Cycles
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  • Hi, I'm Mikey and this is my family!
  • This is my mommy. She told me that she came when from that hot stuff inside of a volcano dried. She's an Igneous rock!
  • This is the river that I'm not allowed to go in... My Uncle Pete went for a swim one day and ended up as a bunch of pebbles. He's getting better, though. He's turning into a Sedimentary rock!
  • Here's Grandma! She's been through a lot. She started as an Igneous rock, became a Sedimentary rock, and then she took a trip to the Earth's crust and she turned into a Metamorphic rock.
  • That's right. And you know what, Mikey? You're going to be all of those things too. 
  • Really, Grandma? I can't wait to grow up!
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