Persian war
Updated: 3/31/2020
Persian war
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  • Miltiades
  • Hehe I kill
  • Darius 1
  • Battle of Marathon
  • I better run 25 miles to tell the Greeks that we won. (Thats were marathon came from)
  • Pheidippides
  • Marathon to Thermopylae
  • Leonidas
  • United Greece
  • Xerces(Persia)
  • Battle of Thermopylae
  • In the first War we have the Battle of Marathon. This battle was between the Greeks (Athens specifically) and Persia. Miltiades led Athens and Darius 1 led Persia.
  • Spartans(300)
  • Thermopylae to Salamis
  • Greece Soon became victorious and had a man named Pheidippides run back to Greece. May I remind you this is 25 miles, the length of a Marathon. This is specifically where Marathons come from.
  • united underThemistocles
  • Battle of Salamis
  • Now onto the Battle of Thermopylae. This battle came after the Battle of Marathon and was fought between Greece as ( now fighting as an united country), and Persia. Greece was led by Leonidas, and as for Persia it was Xerces.
  • YAY! We won!
  • Golden Age
  • Persia decided to trap the greeks into a narrow mountain pass in Greece. The Greeks had no option but to surrender all the non Spartans (so they were left with 300) and fight till one side was victorious. Persia soon won because of the small number of Spartans
  • The Battle of Salamis is the last and final big war. This war was between the Greeks and Persians. The Greeks were united under Themistocles. This took place on the sea. The Greeks had smaller boats compared to the Persians so they had an advantage because the Big Persian boats couldn't maneuver easily. 
  • Persians
  • Because of this advantage the Greeks won and had a brief period of unity, pride, peace, and prosperity, leading to a time called the Golden Age.
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