Updated: 3/18/2021

Storyboard Text

  • stage
  • daddy don't go
  • sorry
  • home
  • bed
  • wow good job nice I love your acting you are amazing
  • shujoon"s house
  • something is going wrong
  • Meera is an actor she likes her job ,and people love her acting
  • ambulance
  • but she had a problem ,she has a really dangerous disease , and she did not tell anyone
  • Ending
  • but there was a Clever doctor named shujoon she likes watching Meera's show which is called where are you? and in the last tow episodes she felt that something is going wrong
  • and then she went to Meera's house and she sow her on the ground she called they ambulance and they took Meera to the hospital
  • and then doctor shujoon saved Meera's life