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Updated: 3/9/2020
Med term
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  • Nice to meet you Dr. Smith. What are input and output levels exactly? Do I have to be worried?
  • Hello, Dennis Bartlett, I'm Dr. Smith and I am here to measure your input and output levels.
  • No not at all, they are just simple tests to make sure everything is okay. Intake levels measure substances that are taken into your body and output levels measure waste that is exiting the body.
  • Phew. How are intake and output levels measured?
  • Well, we measure oral intakes, intravenous intakes and blood intakes and when we measure output levels, we measure emesis or vomit output, urine output, fecal output, and nasogastric irrigation output. We do this hourly or daily so we can see how your digestive system is working to absorb nutrients after your surgery.
  • Why would measuring all of those levels be important?
  • Good question. Measuring these levels are important because we need to make sure your digestive system is working properly. If it’s not it will give us insight on possible complication that may arise like dehydration, edema, or constipation.
  • Wow! Sounds important. What if I don't take all my fluids or don't eat?
  • Taking your fluids and eating is very important for your recovery process especially after surgery. It's also very important to do so to make sure that no complications may arise.
  • Oh, I definitely will make sure to eat everyday and take my fluids.
  • Thank you so much Dr. Smith for explaining everything to me!
  • No, I'm ready to get started.
  • Of course! Do you have anymore questions before we start measuring your input and output levels?
  • Great!
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