Health Comic 1
Updated: 3/9/2020
Health Comic 1
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  • Hey, you seem cool, want to smoke some weed with me and my friends?
  • Dan the Man's Party
  • Dan the Man
  • Stop! I'm you from 15 years in the future!
  • Six years from now, the world will suffer a nuclear war, after which there will be nothing but a post-apocalyptic wasteland. In this future, drugs will be the only way to escape the horrors of reality for a little while, and drug lords will become the rulers of the disparate tribes of people. Among the most powerful of these drug lords will be Dan the Man. He will rule with an iron fist, gruesomely murdering those who stand in his way, and no other drug lords will dare oppose him. From the first year under Dan, I have looked for a way out of his regime.
  • Luckily, however, I found the notes of a physicist who had figured out how to build a time machine. I have spent nine years researching history, looking back to see where it all went wrong, and it all led me to this moment. According to my research, agreeing to smoke weed with Dan the Man would start a chain of events that eventually leads to me becoming his right hand man. He would then make me a key member of his plot to cause the nuclear apocalypse and become sole ruler of the drug-craving world. I would know everything that he knew about the plot, as he would never suspect that I would betray him. I could then do precisely that, stopping him from ending the world and presenting the evidence of his plans to the US government. I would become a hero, and global crisis would be averted.
  • Trust me, past me. Smoke the weed! Averting the global apocalypse is worth it!
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