The Interlopers
Updated: 10/4/2018
The Interlopers
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  • I will kill you.
  • Not if I do it first!
  • Just wait till my men get here.
  • Mine will get here first!
  • Yeah ..
  • There once was 2 men Ulrich and Georg. They both had bitter hate towards each other, it was a family feud that had been going on through their generation over a piece of land. The 2 were out, both hunting for each other in the cold winter night.
  • ....I think its time we end this hate..
  • The 2 were face to face with a rifle in their hands, when suddenly a tree snapped and fell right on top of them.
  • HELPPPPP!!!!!!
  • They were stuck and badly injured, Georg's eye was covered with blood he could barley see. The two argued about who's men was going to come save them first and how they are gonna leave without out one.
  • The 2 finally gave up the struggle of trying to get out. Ulrich offered Georg some wine but he refused at first. There was dead silence between them, Ulrich felt the hate melting away along with the sharp pain. Ulrich told Georg they should end the quarrel, and offered him to being friends. Georg accepted Ulrich's request.
  • Ulrich then got an idea! " Let's shout for help. " The two men then screamed at the top of their lungs for help.
  • Ulrich then spotted figures coming towards them, the men screamed with joy but then seconds later Georg realized Ulrich wasn't screaming for joy anymore, he then harshly relized the figures were WOLFS!
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