A Mice of Men
Updated: 3/30/2021
A Mice of Men

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  • is we supposed to sleep here?
  • What is this?
  • Yes, but hes not that bright.
  • But he can work better than he can think.
  • Can this one talk?
  • She perty?
  • Just watch put for her too, she got the eye.
  • Watch out for Curly, just got married. Showing off for his wife
  • Wouldn't dream of it
  • He ain't the first
  • You aint gon tell is it?
  • Married a real tart if you ask me
  • Y'all must be the new boys. Curly's here sometimes, seen em
  • Well he aint here now, ill keep an eye out.
  • She's Perty
  • I aint do nothing
  • Stay away from her...tramp
  • I ain't said you did, she came in here showing leg, just stay away.