Updated: 2/3/2020
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  • I wonder how the sun uses gravity.
  • Great question! The suns gravity keeps the earth in orbit! We need the light and warmth from the sun to survive.
  • Wow that's so interesting!
  • Matter a fact, everything has gravity, but the earth and sun have a lot more gravity than anything else because of its mass.
  • Wow so the snow can cause the sled to speed up or slow down!
  • Did you know that sledding causes sliding friction. This means the sled is sliding on the snow, which can cause the speed to accelerate.
  • How is elastic force and archery related?
  • When you pull and bend the arrow back on the elastic you are changing the shape of the it. This gives the bow elastic energy. When you release the string this shoots the arrow forward using the elastic force of the bow.
  • Woah I never knew that, that's amazing to think about!
  • I'm going to get some chips from the vending machine!
  • Funny you mention vending machines! I just learned an intresting fact about vending machines and magnetism. In vending machines magnets seperate the coins inserted. The magnets are used to detect the real coins from the fake ones.
  • Did you know a lot of computers like this one use magents to store their data on hard drives. The data is stored in a hard disk. On the top of the disk it is layered with magnetic material which has bllions or trillions of smaller magnets.
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