Trigonometry with Spidey-Santa
Updated: 3/9/2021
Trigonometry with Spidey-Santa

Storyboard Text

  • My name is Spidey-Santa. I travel around the city delivering gifts by shooting my webs and climbing walls. Come help me out!
  • I'm 7ft away from the house. I am looking up at a 25-degree angle. In order to find out how tall the house is, I do 7(tan25) which gives me 3.26.So in order to drop off the gifts through the chimney, I have to climb 3.26 ft.
  • As I'm delivering gifts I accidentally drop one of the presents. I'm looking up at it at a 10-degree angle and the hypotenuse is 20. In order to find the distance of how far I am from it, I calculate for the adjacent which is cos(10)=x/20 which gives me 19.69So in order to get the present back, I have to walk 19.69ft.
  • I was thirsty, I had to get a drink
  • I need to get to the chimney, to do so I need to see how far I need to shoot my web to get to the top of the house. I'm looking up at the chimney at a 90-degree angle and noticed I'm 15 feet away from the house. For, I can use sin(90)=15/x which gives me a result of 15ftTo achieve dropping off the gifts, I have to shoot 15ft of my web
  • After a long hard working day, Spidey-Santa returns to the north pole. Until next time!