1.3 Storyboard The Hate You Give (story 1 & 2)
Updated: 3/25/2021
1.3 Storyboard The Hate You Give (story 1 & 2)

Storyboard Description

The storyboard is about when starr finally speaks up about Kahlils death and take place in the black lives matter protest. resulting in her dads shop getting caught of fire.

Storyboard Text

  • BLM protest 1
  • BLM pretest 2
  • BLM protest 3
  • In this scene, StaRr, Chris, Seven, and Devante go to a Black Lives Matter protest. At first star was scared and overwhelmed by he sight of everyone yelling but she eventually got the courage to stand up to the police and finally speak justice for Kahlil.
  • Funeral 1
  • In this scene, everyone evacuates and disperses from the Black Lives Matter protest because the police start getting violent. Starr, Chris, Seven, and Devante run to Starr's dads shop to escape the chaos.
  • Funeral 2
  • When they get inside mavericks shop, king throws something on fire though the window in hopes to set the place on fire... it works. The kids start panicking and they see Mr Lewis outside with a bat. His Nephew opens the front door but the flame are too big to get through. Mr Lewis tell the kids to go to the back door when they meet maverick.
  • Funeral 3
  • In this scene, Starr and her family come to the funeral to pay their respects. when Starr sees Kahlil's lifeless body she going into shock and starts having flashbacks. Seven helps her snap out of it and the family goes back to their seats
  • In this scene, Starr's family have sat down and King puts a grey bandana on Kahlil to say that he was apart of the king lords. Kahlil's mum gets offended and starts yelling at King.
  • When the funeral is over Starr and her family meet this lady and and she starts telling them that Starr should speak up for Kahlil and the black community. Starr's family doesn't want Starr to let everyone know that she was the witness to Kahlil's death in order to protect her.