Updated: 3/29/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I've started talking to someone online! He's really nice and he really gets me. He's my age too!
  • Hi how old are you?
  • Me too!
  • 14
  • Cool!
  • We've been talking for 2 months now and I think we really like each other.
  • He told me that my friends and family are all against me and he's right! He's the only person I can trust.
  • When talking to someone online always be aware that accounts can be anonymous and the person may not always be who they seem. Never share personal details with a stranger.
  • Although it may seem that someone is being friendly and getting to know you their intentions are unknown and could be extremely damaging.
  • Groomers commonly get you to put all of your trust into them by making you believe lies about your family and friends. This leaves you to fully rely on them.
  • Never meet up with a stranger.
  • This can make you feel scared and alone.
  • Talk to a trusted adult such as your parent or guardian and explain your situation. You can also contact services such as CEOP, kooth, childline who will help you out.