Updated: 11/19/2020

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Storyboard Text

  • There is only one god (Allah)
  • The apparition that Muhammad had in Mount Hira
  • Guys, the archangel Gabriel just spoke to me and told me that there is only one god (Allah)
  • You're lying
  • Muhammad is explaining to others what the archangel Gabriel has told him.
  • You are not going to tell anyone about Islam!!!
  • You are disrespecting our religion !!!
  • We have to kill him
  • Talking about what they going to do Muhammad
  • Muhammad's uncle
  • We are not going to kill him, he is one of us
  • Hello, I have something to say to you, they have invited me because there have problems between religions, they need a peacemaker and I am a good mediator. But in return, I have asked for a safe place for all of us.
  • Muhammad and his people go to a refuge in Yatrib (Medina)
  • In Yathrib, the population received them very well.In a few years, almost all the inhabitants of the city had converted to Islam. This community is called Umma
  • I choose the date of the Hegira of the prophet Muhammad to start the arabic calendar. It is the year 622 b.c.
  • Caliph:Úmar ibn al-Jattab
  • Year 639 b.c.